White Sheet

Who are TEDx Partners?

"TED/TEDx provides sponsors an opportunity to do something different. At TED, we view our sponsors as partners who are joining us on a journey. This is a project that we’re investing in together. There are three core principles to keep in mind:

  • Sponsors are engaging with you in a collaborative relationship to be part of something meaningful: your TEDx event.

  • Target partners who would want to have an authentic dialogue with the TED/TEDx community.

  • Encourage partners to be as creative as possible and dream up interesting and value-adding ways to reach their/your audience.

Sponsors cannot be speakers at the TEDx event they’re sponsoring. Sponsors have no editorial control or veto power over your program. Sponsors who sell weapons/ammunition, tobacco/cigarettes or adult-oriented products/services are prohibited."

(taken from TED.com)

What about TEDxUniversityofEssex partners?